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Cops hunt Krispy Krim armed robber of Adelaide donuts!

Krispy Krim steals Adelaide donuts!   Krispy Kreme customers in Adelaide were robbed of their donuts by an armed robber, believe it or not? Even American crims would be proud…

class warfare motivational poster

Contemporary social issues in Australian society 2014

Contemporary social issues in Australian society 2014 include racism, gender discrimination, politics, renewable energy and the toxic nature of national debate in general in 2014. Of course, the usual social…


Are Australians racist? Sydney racist feral on train.

Are Australians racist? Are Australians racist? Of course we are but it is generally something that we strive not to be. Sadly, there are some ferals, as we have seen…


Second hand furniture shops Adelaide

Second hand furniture shops Adelaide   Second hand furniture in Adelaide can be found in places other than the mainstream stores. Some people forget that when they go looking around….


Ayrton Senna Week 20th Anniversary – April 2014

Ayrton Senna Week this week marks the 20th anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s tragic death at Imola on May 1st, 1994. Here are some video links and brief discussion.


Adelaide hyperlapse video – April 2014

This Adelaide hyperlapse video in April 2014 has been featured on social media as well as news web sites. It shows Glenelg, the city centre and the view of the…


Q&A – Human Rights and Wrongs, Monday, 31 March 2014

There was some interesting discussion on ‘Q & A’ tonight. A couple of people from other countries were on the panel discussing human rights problems elsewhere as well as here,…